The History

Armilla is the story of a promise. In 1980, after many years of effort, my husband Silverio Marchetti bought 4.5 Ha of a land and an abandoned house in Tavernelle, a lovely village situated 7 Km from Montalcino. The first thing we did was to renovate the house and in 1982 we moved in. My husband, who had worked for many years in a well-known winery in Montalcino and was close to retirement, decided to cultivate vineyards on our land. Step by step, we slowly planted the first hectare of vineyard, then we built the small winery. In the meantime, we started selling our wine from the cask: we could not call it Brunello di Montalcino yet, because it was not possible to join the D.O.C.G. at the time. In 1995 our first 9842 m of land entered the D.O.C.G.: and so began the adventure. Our daughters, Ilaria and Fiorella, helped us and little by little our grandchildren, Nicola, Fiorella’s son, and Giacomo, Ilaria’s son, who in spite of his young age loves country life, also began to join in the family business with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, my husband died in 1997 and did not live to see his first bottle sold. The entire family, my daughters, their husband and children and I carried on his commitment and Armilla was born. In ancient Rome “armilla” was a golden bracelet worn by men and women alike; however, “armilla” also refers to a particular bracelet awarded to Roman soldiers for military merit on the field and worn on the left arm. For us, Armilla and its wine are a promise maintained to the man who created them and the “armilla” is the symbol of continuity: from Silverio to Ofelia, from Silverio to his daughters, from Silverio to his grandchildren.